Our team

Some of our coaches:

  • Born in 1958, running intensively since 1995, Parisian and in love with Paris for more than 50 years
  • Runs: 10K, Half, Marathons: Rotterdam, New York, London, Paris (15 times), … (>20 marathons), all the races in Paris...
  • Bests: 10K=34’, 20km=1h13', Half=1h17, Marathon=2h48 (2013=2h59)
  • Preferred races: All the races in Paris (especially 10K) and of course, all the tours he loves to share at the pace of our visitors
  • Dream: Run a marathon at 100 years old, goal to keep cool and healthy for a long long time…
Jean-Charles and Anne-Marie along the river Seine (with Notre-Dame)

  •  Born in 1965, began to practice athletism around 12 years old, then discovered road races in the mid 80's.
  • Runs: 10 km, 20 km, half, marathons: Paris (>10 times),  Rotterdam, Stockholm, Nagano and Sapporo (Japan)... (>33 marathons), 100 km (2006), Paris-Versailles, a 16 km/10 miles (>20 times)...
  • Bests: 10 km=34’, 20km=1h13', half=1h19', marathon=2h47' (2013)
  • Preferred races: Various kind of races: in a city, on the sea shore, in the country or between the mountains, and above all in the  Paris roadways!
  • Dream: A never ending relay  crossing countries from north to south, east to west.
Frédéric who has left the 
Eiffel tower to join the 
"Château de Versailles"

  • Born in 1978, running intensively since he was about 14 months old... Franco/American, Vincent has tried living all around the world but can't find better than Paris 
  • Runs: anything really long... but not too fast... Ultra long distance trials (Diagonale des Fous, Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, CCC, Templiers, 6000D, La Trans'AQ, La Piste des Oasis, etc.)
    and ...
    naturally, the
    Paris running tours...
  • Bests: speed is not a factor, finishing is important (Although, Vincent did at the Paris Marathon 2002) 
  • Preferred races: Anything with a view 
  • Dream: Running across Antarctica...

Who said that running in the desert was not fun? Here's Vincent after a 105 km... Ready for a Paris running tour!


The team in action...

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