Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Palais-Royal to the Eiffel tower with Julie

Under the Eiffel tower - Bettina (journalist), Julie and Jean-Charles (D.R.)
7:30 AM - Julie, from New-Zealand, travelling in Europ, chose to begin her stay in Paris by a running tour. Bettina, journalist from the German newspaper Spiegel Online, ran with us to do a report on one of our tours. You can see the article and photos here (in German).
Thank you Julie and Bettina!

The route of the tour:

You can display Julie's tour on a bigger map

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  1. I've seen ppl begin romancing here, starting their experiences with wine & cheeze, but u guys found ur paris feet in paris in a completly different way :)

    Eiffel tower Dinner


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