Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morning workout and visit of Paris

Brandy - American Church - Eiffel tower
8:02 AM - Brandy from San Francisco (USA) prepares the next half marathon of San Francisco. What is better than a visit of Paris while running to continue the training? We thus left the street of Rivoli to join the Seine having crossed the Tuileries and the "place de la Concorde". On the bridge of the "Invalides", we had the opportunity to admire the American church and the Eiffel Tower. We continued our tour on the left bank and then crossed the island of "La Cité" to return to the start by the Louvre and the "place Vendôme".
On our way, the American Church:
On the photo above with Brandy, we can see two "peaks", the Eiffel Tower, of course, but also the American Church. This church presents a neogothic style; it is nevertheless recent, it was built and ended in 1931 by the architect Carol Greenough.
The American Church of Paris
Merci Brandy !

The route of the tour:


  1. Merci Frederic!
    It was a lovely run, and I learned new things along the way. Running in the morning on a Sunday, without the normal city crowds, was a lovely way to experience a wonderful city!

  2. May pleasure Brandy !
    Wish you a good half marathon next month in SF.
    Enjoy !


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