Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Routes of a Running Tours guide

Routes of a Paris Running Tour guide (some GPS Garmin Forerunner 405 records, done since May 2008 - Training, competitions, Running tours, ...)
In Paris Running Tour, the runners-guides know perfectly their city, Paris. 
Crossing in great detail the capital almost every day, having created numerous beautiful routes, they can share Paris in a nice way with the visitors-runners who want to discover it.

During very early morning runs, some places are very privileged, enlightened axes as banks of the Seine or the Champ de Mars garden, the only park opened permanently:
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Numerous runners all over the world like sharing a moment of running by showing and by commenting on their city. Many big cities possess "Running Tours" companies.

We would like to greet a new one: Atlanta Running Tours 
Do you remember Kristy who ran with us? Kristy became Running Tour guide and shares her attractive city of with the sports visitors.
We wish her very beautiful races!

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