Monday, April 29, 2013

A new Running Tour in Paris with Manoella

Manoella - "Opéra de Paris" (Opéra Garnier)
7:09 AM - Do you remember Manoella, from São Paulo, Brazil? (See the post here.)

Bravo! Since last time, Manoella finished successfully her first marathon, the Paris Marathon. Manoella is now a marathon runner, a confirmed long distance runner since, three weeks only after the marathon, we redid easily a Paris Running Tour of more than 19 km.

In spite of the cold still present at this end of April, it is under a big sun that we admired the marvels of Paris:

- The Opéra Garnier (As we can see himit on the photo above)

- The Eiffel tower from the President Wilson avenue:

Manoella - President Wilson Avenue

The Eiffel tower from "place de l'Alma", as well as the flame of the statue of Liberty (remember the article on this flame => here):

Manoella - "Place de l'Alma"

The embassy of Brazil which we were able to greet (the wind was not very hard this morning and the flag was resting):

Manoella - Brazil Embassy, "Cours Albert 1er"

- The "Sacré-Coeur" of Montmartre from "Boulevard des Italiens":

Manoella - "Boulevard des Italiens" - Far-off, the "Sacré-Coeur"

- Two magnificent passages:

Manoella - "Passage Jouffroy", boulevard Montmartre - "Passage du Grand Cerf", rue Dussouds

- And many other amazing places of Paris...

Good return in Brazil!

Merci Manoella !

The route of the tour :

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